10/2015 – Training certification on the ABBI-BUS KNX protocol

The KNX bus protocol is a European standard created in 1987 and currently includes no less than 190 manufacturers, such as HAGER, ABB, JUNG, SCHNEIDER, BOSH, ELECTROLUX …

The KNX protocol is based on the BUS principle, explanation: the principle of the bus is that all KNX participants of a project (buttons, actuators …) dialogue with each other using this bus.

The programming of a KNX system is done with the ETS3 software, so it is possible to modify the programming

The KNX communication protocol intelligently manages your heating and lighting to ensure energy savings over the medium term.

In fact, make sure that all the lights are off before you leave by pressing a button, or even turn on the light only when there is a presence.