08-2020 : Signature of the specifications relating to the exercise of the study activity in the field of information and communication technologies

Signature of the specifications to carry out the study activity in the field of information and communication technologies. Our mission is to support and advise its clients in the management of projects, particularly in the fields of Telecommunications and ICT. He contributes in the phases of validation of execution projects, coordination, monitoring and control of […]

01/2020 – Training in the Port and the use of the harness – Work at height – Preparation for authorization for work at height

This training allows you to: Access a workstation safely height on unequipped site Use protective equipment the individual (EPl) safely Define and set up the anchor points to be used It made it possible to acquire knowledge in Regulatory context Characteristics of collective protection means against falls from a height Fall arrest systems Characteristics of […]

01/2020 – Training in electrical certification according to standard NF C1B-510 – electrical operations in low and high voltage

This training aims to safely execute operations on HV and LV electrical installations and equipment It made it possible to acquire knowledge in: The evolution of regulations in the electrical field. Electricity, general concepts and electrical installations. Risks related to electricity. Voltage areas, risk areas near electrical works. Electrical operations. Electrical authorization. The means of […]

10-2019: Obtaining approval in energy audit from ANME

An energy audit generally leads to the identification of the technical and financial measures necessary to obtain energy savings. It also makes it possible to identify the possibilities of reducing the energy bill of an establishment by projects which can serve as models for all the firms in the same sector. This approach is effective […]

02-2019 : Caneco Implantation certification issued by ALPI France

Caneco Implantation is an AutoCAD® application that allows the implantation of electrical equipment in 2D or 3D and the automated routing of cables The benefits of Caneco Implantation Work optimization Generic electric library ready to use. Avoid double entries. Data security. Integrity of results. Improvement of the quality of studies. Automation of document production. Integration […]

11/2018 – European Technical Diploma in Fire Safety

The objective of this training is to identify the risks associated with fire in the establishment, to know the prevention measures and the means of protection, while respecting the fire regulations. It also allowed: Analyze the risk of fire outbreak, Participate in the study of prevention measures and means of protection Organize security in harmony […]

04/2018 – EXIN Data Center Professional Certification

EXIN with more than 34 years of experience, is an independent exam and certification institute, having certified millions of professionals in the digital field and data centers. It is ideal for those working in and around the data center and is responsible for improving availability and manageability. This certification addresses the configuration and enhancement of […]

03/2018 – Team Building Day

In the framework of strengthening the cohesion within his team and boosting his skills Telec Engineering organized a team building day. This day was held on Saturday, March 3rd in Dar Zaghouan during which the whole team of Telec Engineering participated in several activities distributed as follows: 08h30: Departure from Manar 1 by micro bus […]

02/2018 – Presentation of building automation solutions during the Esprit Civil Engineering Club Day

Yassine Yahiaoui, Consulting Engineer, participated as a speaker during the first edition of the “Le Carré des ingénieurs” business day, held on February 28, 2018, with ESPRIT. This day is organized under the theme “new technologies and sustainable development”. The subject of the conference is “Home automation solutions in the building” which you can download […]