05/2017 – Training Certification on CAME-BPT Vidéophony products

Came Cancelli Automatici produces the widest range of automation systems for residential and industrial doors, car parks and access control, including the development of home automation and anti-intrusion systems. Driven by constant innovation and the clever acquisition of new brands and specializations, the company can count today on solid expertise in the global control of […]

09/2016 – Training Certification on the Energy Management System

CIRCUTOR with over 40 years of experience, has 6 production centers in Spain and the Czech Republic, which work in the design and manufacture of equipment to improve energy efficiency: equipment for measuring and controlling electrical energy and power quality, industrial electrical protection, reactive compensation and harmonic filtering, intelligent electric vehicle charging and, in recent […]

10/2015 – Training certification on the ABBI-BUS KNX protocol

The KNX bus protocol is a European standard created in 1987 and currently includes no less than 190 manufacturers, such as HAGER, ABB, JUNG, SCHNEIDER, BOSH, ELECTROLUX … The KNX protocol is based on the BUS principle, explanation: the principle of the bus is that all KNX participants of a project (buttons, actuators …) dialogue […]

04/2015 – Infrastructure Data Center (IDC) Certification Fast Lane Paris

This training requires a basic technical level of electricity, computer network wiring over copper and optical fibers and hardware type computer. It responds to all the worries generated by the weakness of Data Center infrastructures, and makes it possible to prepare for any renovation or new realization, with the main objectives being the durability, availability […]

06/2014 – Certification on electrical protection materials withthe training center GE at Kłodzko in Poland

General Electric is the global digital industrial group that is transforming the industry with software-controlled machines and connected, tailored and predictive solutions. GE is organized around a worldwide exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store”, where each activity shares and has access to the same technologies, markets, structures and intelligences. Each invention feeds innovations and applications […]

05/2014 – Certification on Himel’s electrical protection materials

Himel is an international brand of electrical products and equipment manufactured by Delixi Electric. Delixi Electric is a joint venture between Delixi Group and Schneider Electric. Himel products are dedicated to the Low Voltage economic segment, excluding China, and comply with international standards. Himel products are available through a specific network of commercial companies, distributors […]