The weak currents designate the currents used for the transport of information: telephony, home automation, computer network, automatisms, etc.

They oppose the strong currents used to transport electrical energy and intended to be converted into lighting, heating or motive power.

Weak current refers to cable networks that carry information and not energy. Of course, these cables are covered by electrical pulses, hence the current designation, but these pulses are very low (very low voltage and very low intensity), hence the qualifier of low.

The weak current network includes telephony, internet, intercoms, video surveillance, alarms, etc.

Today, therefore, the low current also includes the network called “Ethernet” allowing you to distribute, from your table, internet, phone and TV in all rooms of the house.

That is why, more and more, it is domotic or home communication network specialists who support the weak current network, while the electricians, they, focus on the strong current.

  • Computer Network Infrastructure lot
  • Surveillance camera lot
  • Home automation lot
  • Telephony lot
  • Intercom Lot
  • Videophone lot
  • Automatic fire detection lot
  • Detection intrusion lot
  • Access control lot
  • Fast corridor lot
  • Parking access lot
  • Parking management lot
  • Television distribution lot
  • Nurse call lot
  • Sound package
  • Centralized clock lot