A data center or datacenter is a physical site grouping IT installations (servers, routers, switches, hard disks …) responsible for storing and distributing data (data in English) through an internal network or via an access Internet.

Companies with databases, all Internet sites, cloud services host their activities in data centers. These may be proprietary private facilities or data centers administered by service providers that include multiple customers.

What happens on the Internet in 1 minute?

  • Snapchat users share 527,760 photos
  • LinkedIn earns 120 new users
  • YouTube users watch 4,146,600 videos
  • Tweetos share 456,000 Tweets
  • Instagrammers publish 46,740 photos
  • Internet users make 3,607,080 searches on Google, the most used search engine in the world
  • Wikipedia users publish 600 page updates
  • Amazon makes $ 258,751.90 in revenue online
  • Netflix users streate 69,444 hours of video
  • Giphy charges 694 444 Gifs
  • An evolution of the media from physical media to digital media
  • Much larger data
  • IT is increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives

Cooling and power consumption of a data center

A data center meets very strict technical specifications in order to guarantee its physical and computer security, as well as its operation, which must not experience any interruption or loss of performance.

Thermal engineering plays a key role in its design. Such installations emit a lot of heat and must be cooled to avoid any failure, which induces a very high power consumption.

Environmental problems

The expansion of online services, the advent of big data, driven by the Internet of Things and mobile devices, has led to exponential growth in the number of data centers. This poses significant environmental problems in terms of energy consumption as well as the rejection of heat emissions.

The use of renewable energies and the implementation of energy recovery systems are among the preferred solutions to address these issues. As a result, some data centers are fully powered by non-fossil energies and the heat they release is reused to heat buildings or produce hot water.

Data centers, because of their size and their power supply 24/24, are very energy intensive. To minimize the environmental impact of this equipment, energy efficiency has become an integral part of these sites.