The strong current is the current as we all know it: it is the one that provides the energy necessary for the operation of our equipment.

It has a voltage of 220V single-phase and 400V three-phase with a fairly high intensity. Hence the designation of strong current.

This type of current is used in industrial and / or domestic installations.

The strong current is used to transport the energy. It is used for light, electrical outlets, heating, or other electrical devices.

The intensity of this current varies from a few hundred mA (Milliampère) up to several kA (Kiloampère) as needed.

  • Design of electrical installations
  • Design of technical and architectural lighting atmospheres
  • Upgrading of existing premises
  • Redevelopment of existing electrical installations
  • Study of safety lighting
  • Design of the electrical cabinet such as TGBT (General Low Voltage Table) and divisional cabinets
  • Design of private processing stations and concessionaires
  • Design and dimensioning of emergency and safety generators
  • Design and dimensioning of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS Inverters)
  • Design and choice of earth connection schemes
  • Design of electrical diagrams with calculation notes
  • Realization of energy audits of industrial and tertiary installations