About Us

Presentation of Telec Engineering

Time as conceptor of a technical batch , we  make a point of honor to propose innovative solutions and smart on the  environmental and economic plans;

This can be coupled to network (photovoltaic panels, …) or energy saving  solutions (optimization of power systems, auto-dimming lighting, building  automation, …).

In all cases, our proposals are tailored to the needs, technically realistic  and economically accessible.

We will make every effort to have a facility that is characterized by:
  • HQE: High Environmental Quality
  • LCB: Low Consumption Building

Know that our experience and technical capabilities allow us to help you in  this process.

At present, electricity is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Up  to 50% of CO2 emissions from the commercial and residential buildings are due  to electricity consumption.

In addition, a measure of the proliferation  of household appliances, computers, entertainment systems and the proliferation  of other equipment such as air conditioning and ventilation, electricity  consumption recorded a rise out of proportion to any other energy use.

And this trend will continue unless we  decide to act!
With our experience there is provided a  range of solutions to assist our clients in the promotion and implementation of  energy efficiency solutions for clients in the following areas :
  • Lighting control: light dimmers, time switches, motion detectors and presence, specific switches, twilight switches.
  • Temperature control: thermostat.
  • Control of shutters.
  • Air conditioning, ventilation: variable speed drives.
  • Power Management: Power factor correction, measurement, monitoring and power control
  • Air conditioning, ventilation, compressed air, machines for transport: variable speed drives.
  • Power Management: Power factor correction, measurement, remote monitoring of energy consumption, monitoring and power control.
  • Improving the intrinsic efficiency of the installation (insulation materials, energy saving light bulbs, etc.)..
  • Proactive optimization of energy use (keeping the temperature of a building at an appropriate level, stop facilities when not in use, etc.)..